WildJoburg 2016 – Pre-race Briefing #1

Hey WildJoburgers!

As we suffer through a cold & wet weekend it is good to know that we can look forward to some awesome trail running in great sunshine at WildJoburg next Saturday 🙂 The upside of everybody sitting at home under blankets is that we can get through some pre-race admin, which is important because as we all know, nobody listens to the Race Briefings on Race Day!

1. Start Times

20km – 07h00

10km – 07h30

5km – 08h00

2. Registration

Registration will be at the venue at Thaba Trails and will open at 06h00. Runners will be able to register for their race up to 10 minutes before Start time. Please arrive as early as possible to register to avoid queues and unnecessary delays. No registration = no race number = no run!

3. Race Day Entries

By virtue of receiving this email, you’ve already entered online 🙂 but we know that often us early planners end up bringing along our procrastinating friends who enter on the day, so this is still worth knowing. Race Day Entries will open at 06h00 and entries for each distance will close 30 minutes before that race’s Start time. Entry fees on Race Day will be payable in cash only and are as follows: 5km-R150; 10km-R250 & 20km-R350.

4. Batching & Self-seeding

Continuing with the great trail running and WildJoburg tradition, runners will be sorted into batches at the Start of their race on a self-seeding basis. This means that runners will be asked to voluntarily place themselves into the front batch, middle batches, or last batch. The number of batches and runners per batch will depend on the number of entrants per race. We expect between 2 and 4 batches per race, with batches of between 50 and 80 runners per batch. The trails are well spread and well-balanced, so nobody should be desperate to start in any particular batch. That being said, Attention Racing Snakes: positions and prizes will be awarded on a first-across-the-line basis, so if you are planning a competitive race, make sure you start in Batch A. For everyone else, finishing times will accurately reflect your Batch Start time. Batches will be set off 5 minutes apart.

5. Coffee & food

Previous WildJoburg runners will be familiar with the awesome coffee and food provided by Damian@cafe88. You will be glad to know that they will be there again on Saturday, and hot coffee / hot chocolate and delicious breakfast rolls, healthy rusks and other goodies will be available on what promises to be a perfect-for-running chilly morning from 05h45.

6. Race Shirts

Another great WildJoburg tradition, and fantastic to see the high-quality attractive WildJoburg Race Shirts from Anatomic at some of top trail runs around the country. Shirts are still available to order for post-race home delivery. All queries or orders to be directed directly through the Race Organisers at this email address.

That’s it for now! Enjoy the drier weather and have a great week 🙂



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