Winter Wildjoburg 12 June 2021

The Trails


This beautiful undulating course gives everyone the chance to really experience and enjoy the Joburg bush. Perfect for novice runners and fast-paced walkers, this non-technical route winds through indigenous grassland and forest, and is sure to include some good wildlife encounters. Easily achievable and no cut-off time, but remember this is still not a treadmill in a gym – put on just a little bit of pace and you will know you’ve been on a trail. Absolutely worth it!



Don’t be fooled by what sounds like an easy distance! This will properly challenge anyone who expects the usual weekend suburban road run. The route, almost exclusively single track and quite technical for a large proportion of it, takes runners through beautiful highveld forest and makes the most of the Witwatersrand topography (for anybody who thought Joburg was flat!), testing ankles, legs and lungs. Budget for at least 50% longer than you would run 10km on the road and be prepared to walk some of the climbs, and you will be richly rewarded.



El Grande! This course showcases the best of the Highveld: spectacular scenery, wild animals, and a trail that will challenge and invigorate even the most experienced runner. Expect lots of ankle-busting technical sections, some gnarly ascents and fast drops, and lots of awesome running where you will be happy to open up the pace and stretch your stride while taking in the most spectacular natural environment that the City of Johannesburg has to offer. The course has been designated Not For Beginners, but seeing as how trail runners by their nature love to push themselves, we think it is fair to say that if you are fairly fit, have done at least some off-road running in your past, and have the typical South African sense of adventure, the return on effort will be well worth it.


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  1. Hi, I have tried registering to enter the race but I’m required a password and there is option to create a profile

  2. Good morning,

    I just wanted to find out if our dogs are allowed to run the trail with us?

    Thank you!

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