Wild Joburg 2017 – Pre Race Briefing

Hey WildJoburgers!
First things first, we are expecting the perfect running day on Saturday. AccuWeather has us at a low of 5C and a high of 19C, with “Clouds and sun”. In a nutshell we can expect a fresh start, and manageable temperatures into late-morning and midday. We even have some clouds for ambience. One of the upsides of the Highveld winter!

1. Start Times
20km – 07h00
10km – 07h30
5km – 08h00

2. Registration
Registration will be at the venue at Thaba Trails and will open at 06h00. Runners will be able to register for their race up to 10 minutes before Start time. Please arrive as early as possible to register to avoid queues and unnecessary delays. No registration = no race number = no run!

3. Race Day Entries
By virtue of receiving this email, you’ve already entered online 🙂 but we know that often us early planners end up bringing along our procrastinating friends who enter on the day, so this is still worth knowing. Race Day Entries will open at 06h00 and entries for each distance will close 30 minutes before that race’s Start time. Entry fees on Race Day include a Race Day surcharge and will be payable in CASH ONLY, as follows: 5km-R180, 10km-R270 & 20km-R380.

4. Batching & Self-seeding
Continuing with the great trail running and WildJoburg tradition, batched starts will be used where necessary. In the event of a batched start being called, runners will be sorted into batches at the Start of their race on a self-seeding basis. This means that runners will be asked to voluntarily place themselves into the front batch, middle batches, or last batch. The number of batches and runners per batch will depend on the number of entrants per race. At this point we can advise that the 10km race will definitely have a batched start. That being said, the trails are well spread and well-balanced, so nobody should be desperate to start in any particular batch. In addition, positions and prizes will be awarded based on batch-adjusted times. However if you are planning a competitive race, we strongly recommend that you start in Batch A.

5. Race Shirts
Those of you that ordered one of the radical WildJoburg 2017 Race Shirts please note that they will be available for collection at Registration.

That’s it for now! Looking forward to Saturday!


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