Race Info

Race starting times:

20km – 07h00
10km – 07h30
5km – 08h00

Entry Fees & Early Bird Specials

The Early Bird catches the worm, as the old saying goes, or rather the Early-Entering Trailrunner has more money left over for boerewors rolls & beer! As is our WildJoburg tradition, WildJoburg Summer 2018 has an innovative tiered pricing system with aggressively discounted Early Bird Specials for those trail junkies who have some control over their race diaries.

Super-Early Holiday Special Entries confirmed and paid before midnight 31 August 2018

20km – R250
10km – R175
5km – R115

Christmas Folly Early Bird Entries confirmed and paid before midnight 30 September 2018

20km – R280
10km – R200
5km – R135

Wildjoburg Summer 2018 Great Value Standard Entries confirmed and paid before midnight 29 November 2018

20km – R320
10km – R225
5km – R150

Race Day Entries Cash Only

20km – R380
10km – R270
5km – R180

Registration will be open from 06h00 @ Thaba Trails.

There will be race day entries!

Hydration & Nutrition Stations, and Recommended / Compulsory Equipment

There will be fully stocked water & food tables on all the routes. Approximately half-way through the 5km and approximately half-way through the 10km, and for the 20km at approximately the 5km, 10km and 15km marks (so 3 in all for the 20km).

With this support we will not require runners on any of the routes to carry any compulsory kit or equipment but will rather expect you to be responsible and to self-guide. Thirsty runners should carry at least 1.5 litres of their own water – do NOT underestimate these trails, especially if it’s looking like being a warm day! Similarly carry food and energy support to suit your own taste / preference. And if it looks like rain, make sure you have some kind of protection – it would be terribly embarrassing to have to be treated for exposure and hypothermia in the middle of Joburg! (although emergency medical professionals will be on hand just in case…). Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen, and a cap for that horrible hole in the ozone layer.
It goes without saying that everyone is expected to run with a phone with the Race Organiser / Emergency numbers, which will be provided at Race Briefing before each race.

33 thoughts on “Race Info”

  1. Hey Jean,
    Lots or trailrunning involves a fair amount of walking anyway 🙂 you guys are welcome! Wear running shoes cos there are some bits you will just WANT to run, but the WildJoburg 10km makes for a good strong hike for walkers.

  2. Hi Marike,
    I emailed response to you directly 🙂 In a nutshell, she’s welcome, if you’re happy!

  3. Hi there
    I made a bulk entry and I need to edit the details for one of the runners I entered but there is no “Edit Details” button. How do I edit his details?

  4. Hi
    Good day
    Just wanted to make sure the event that Im entering is for the 2nd December 2017 (Saturday) ?


  5. Hi,

    What does the entry fee cover? Is it just for the entrance to the run and for the stocked water points, or is there more to the entry?


    1. Hey Sharise as a traildog running buddy myself it pains me to say unfortunately not. As a nature reserve with lots of wildlife dogs aren’t allowed at all. Sorry.

  6. Hi Roxy,

    We do allow kids to enter pretty much any distance and any age subject to parental consent, but no kids’ discount. Entry fees apply standard to all entrants. Hope that helps.


  7. Apologies Warren, no need to reply. I went and read the details as I should have before posting a question and I see entries on the day are allowed. 😉

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