Wildjoburg Winter 2022

Race Info (Solo Entries)


Race starting times:

20km – 07h00
10km – 07h30
5km – 08h00

Solo Entry Fees & Early Bird Specials

The Early Bird catches the worm, as the old saying goes, or rather the Early-Entering Trailrunner has more money left over for boerewors rolls & beer! As is our WildJoburg tradition, WildJoburg Winter 2022 has an innovative tiered pricing system with aggressively discounted Early Bird Specials for those trail junkies who have some control over their race diaries.

Super-Early Bird Entries confirmed and paid before midnight Thursday 31 March 2022

20km – R150
10km – R125
5km – R100

Early Bird Entries confirmed and paid for before midnight Saturday 30th April 2022

20km – R225
10km – R175
5km – R125

Standard WildJoburg Winter 2022 Entries confirmed and paid before midnight Wednesday 18th May 2022

20km – R250
10km – R200
5km – R150

Registration will be open from 06h00 @ Thaba Trails.


Hydration & Nutrition Stations, and Recommended / Compulsory Equipment

There will be a minimum of one water table on the 10km route and two water tables on the 20km route. In line with the “Carry Your Own” philosophy there will be no plastic sachets or disposable cups at the water tables, and runners must carry their own portable drinking cups / flasks / bladders.

We will not require runners on any of the routes to carry any compulsory kit or equipment but will rather expect you to be responsible and to self-guide. Thirsty runners should carry at least 1.5 litres of their own water – do NOT underestimate these trails, especially if it’s looking like being a warm day! Similarly carry food and energy support to suit your own taste / preference. And if it looks like rain, make sure you have some kind of protection – it would be terribly embarrassing to have to be treated for exposure and hypothermia in the middle of Joburg! (although emergency medical professionals will be on hand just in case…). Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen, and a cap for that horrible hole in the ozone layer.
It goes without saying that everyone is expected to run with a phone with the Race Organiser / Emergency numbers, which will be provided at Race Briefing before each race.”New Race Rules and Refund & Substitution Policy attached.

10 thoughts on “Race Info (Solo Entries)”

    1. Hey Avhatendi,
      Check out the ENTER NOW button on the website here and just follow the entry process. Shout if you have any problems.

    2. Hey Avhatendi,

      Check out the ENTER NOW button on the website here and just follow the process 🙂 It’s easy. Shout if yu have any difficulties.

  1. Good day please confirm that the medals will be proper and not made of card board, and that they will state what distance you have done? These days they either rubbish fridge magnets or pieces of card board cut outs and don’t stipulate the distance….very frustrating.

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