Vaccine Discounts

WildJoburg is excited to introduce its groundbreaking Vaccine Discounts! While it is currently not compulsory for participants at sporting events to be vaccinated, we strongly encourage WildJoburgers to get vaccinated. Not only is it medically the smart thing to do, but it is also the only way we are going to get our races back. We also expect that it will not be long before Vaccine Passports will become mandatory requirements for participation in all trail running, running and other sporting events. To pave the way entrants into WildJoburg Summer 2021 will qualify for a whopping 20% discount off their Entry Fee on Proof of Vaccination.

To claim your discount: In the beginning of the entry process click on the link that says “CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR 20% DISCOUNT”. An automated and pre-populated email will pop up. Attach a copy of your Vaccination Card to the email and send it. You will receive an email back with a voucher code for the discount. Copy and Paste the code and insert it as indicated when you get to the Payment section. Click on Apply. The discount will be automatically calculated and deducted from your entry fee. If you encounter any difficulties with the pre-populated email pop-up, you can email your Proof of Vaccination to for the same outcome.

Please note that a first Vaccination will be accepted for purposes of qualifying for the discount, even in the event of two shots being required.