Team Build Entry Packages

Jozi is undeniably the beating heart of the South African economy, and Joburgers are famous for working hard and playing harder! It also an undisputed phenomenon that HAPPY HEALTHY TEAMS make for enhanced efficiencies, bigger profits, and greatly increased job satisfaction. WildJoburg brings this all together with the long-awaited introduction of our novel TEAM BUILD ENTRY PACKAGES at the WildJoburg Winter Trail 2020!

Whether you’re a small division in a Big Corporate, the entire staff complement of an SMME, a Wine Club wanting to balance things out a bit or a Running Group tired of road races and the anonymity of official club vests, bring your team out to the wild and wonderful trails of Johannesburg’s beautiful mountainous south for the funnest healthiest bonding and motivation outside of salary increase time!

From teams as small as 5 members you can take advantage of our WildJoburg Team Build Packages. The entry package includes:

  • Entry into ANY ONE OF the WildJoburg Winter Trail 2020 5km OR 10km 0R 20km trail races. Team members do NOT need to all run the same distance. This is perfect for teams made up of members with vastly different levels of athletic ability and fitness, allowing the entire team to experience the benefits of this super-fun healthy bonding exercise.
  • Specially designed high quality medals for ALL FINISHERS of all distances.
  • Uniquely designed technical WildJoburg running shirts with the team brand or logo incorporated into the design. Available in four brilliant colour options. If these spectacular shirts don’t turn your group into a TEAM nothing will!

Entry Process

To enter, please click on the ENTER link on this page. All Team Members’ details will be required as follows: ID number / First Name / Last Name / Gender / Date of Birth / Suburb / email Address / Cell number / Emergency Contact Name / Emergency Contact number / Medical Aid name (optional) / Medical Aid number (optional) / Running Club name (optional) / Running Club Membership number (optional).

Step 1 – Team Leader / Initiating Team Member must enter their ID number
Step 2 – Accept the Terms and Conditions of entry
Step 3 – Select the number of Team Members (minimum 5 to qualify for a Team Build Package)
Step 4 – Enter a Team Name
Step 5 – Complete personal details of each Team Member, selecting Team Build Package 5 people for each Member
Step 6  – Select Proceed
Step 7 – Select Shirt Size, Shirt Colour (every Member of the Team MUST select the same Shirt Colour) and Distance (Members are all free to select EITHER 5km OR 10km OR 20km) PER TEAM MEMBER
Step 8 – Optional: select specially designed WildJoburg Race Chido per Team Member as an additional purchase to be added to the Cart. Team Members are free to select any colour Chido
Step 9 – Select Next
Step 10 – Edit OR select Proceed to Pay
Step 11 – Make one payment for the Team by Credit Card or EFT

In the event of any difficulties with the entry process or if you have any questions please email us at with your contact number and we will call you right back to resolve it.

Team Build Entry Packages are priced extremely competitively and line with the long-standing WildJoburg principle of offering a range of innovative Early Bird discounts. In business terms the Value For Money and Return On Investment factors of this healthy motivational and wildly fun team-building opportunity can NOT be beat!

Team Build Package Entry Fees

  • Super-Early Fantastic February Special Packages confirmed and paid before midnight 29 February 2020 – R450pp
  • March Madness Special Packages confirmed and paid for before midnight 31 March 2020 – R500pp
  • Foolish April Special Packages confirmed and paid for before midnight 30 April 2020 – R550pp
  • Standard WildJoburg Winter Winner Packages confirmed and paid before midnight 25 June 2020 – R600pp

* Team Build Packages minimum 5 members per team; package prices include specially designed technical race shirt per person, including team brand / logo.