We worked hard to establish new race procedures and COVID-19 compliant protocols, and as always have committed to runner safety as our absolute first priority. Following successful implementation at the WildJoburg Summer Breakout event late last year we are continuously fine tuning these protocols. It has been established that outdoor exercise like trail running is probably the safest thing you can do in terms of avoiding infection from COVID-19. At the same time all gatherings of people mean some risk. In the interests of all our safety, as well as the safety of those vulnerable people out there with whom we may come into contact, we ask all WildJoburgers to join us in erring on the side of caution.

1. Participation Numbers

Subject to the Regulations under the prevailing Lockdown Restrictions all gatherings are subject to maximum capacity requirements.

2. Registration

We are have a strict and socially-distanced registration system in place to eliminate the potential for queues and to minimise the contact with race staff, volunteers, and each other. Runners will be communicated with and provided with more details prior to the race.

3. Race Briefing

There will be minimal Race Briefing. All information will be provided by email in advance. For those of you that have gotten by without reading pre-race communications in the past, that will have to change!

4. Starts

As always, the 3 distances will have separate starts. Traditionally they have been half an hour apart. Assessing the nature of the trails and our past experience this gap is probably optimal in terms of minimising congestion on the routes, but this will be subject to further study and confirmation.

Depending on overall capacity constraints we will decide on whether it is necessary to further batch Starts with the different races. Details will be communicated to runners closer to Race Day.

5. Water Tables

We will keep the Water Tables and Checkpoints in their positions, BUT they will be water drops only, where runners can fill up with water. As far as food on route goes, runners will need to be self-sufficient.

6. Race Finish

This is probably one of the most significant differences to previous events, but we will be encouraging runners to spend minimal time hanging around the Finish.

7. Prize Giving and Prizes

We will be providing a range of Free Race Entries as prizes. There will be no gathering for Prize Giving but rather winners will be provided with their prizes by email after the event.

8. Spectators

In terms of the Regulations spectators are not permitted.

9. Masks

Organisers, Race Staff, Volunteers and all Participants will be required to wear masks at the event. What this means to runners is that masks will be required at the Start and for approximately the first couple of hundred metres of the routes until the fields have spread, as well as at all times around the Race Venue.

10. Vaccination

While it is currently not compulsory for participants at sporting events to be vaccinated, we strongly encourage WildJoburgers to get vaccinated. Not only is it medically the smart thing to do, but it is also the only way we are going to get our races back. We also expect that it will not be long before Vaccine Passports will become mandatory requirements for participation in all trail running, running and other sporting events.